90-Day Limited Warranty for Minor Transmission Services

At AAMCO Centers, the AAMCO 90-Day Limited Warranty comes with unlimited peace-of-mind. 

With an AAMCO 90-Day Limited Warranty for Minor Services, your serviced component described on your invoice is covered, if the service fails in any way, due to defective workmanship or materials within 90 days of the effective date. As with any AAMCO warranty, the 90-Day Limited Warranty does not apply to failure caused by customer abuse, accident or alterations, or reimbursement for consequential damages. Your warranty is null and void if the covered vehicle is converted from non-commercial to commercial use. Be sure to read your AAMCO Limited Warranty so you fully understand all of your rights and any restrictions that apply. 

The AAMCO 90-Day Limited Warranty for Minor Services is not transferable.


Depending on your needs, AAMCO offers a variety of Coverages:


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