90-Day Limited Warranty for Electronic Components

Many of today’s cars feature intricate and inter-dependent computer-controlled transmissions and engines with dozens of delicate electronic components. Because of the complexity of these transmissions, an AAMCO Center stands behind only the electronic component it services, and covers that component for a 90-day period. 

If the component fails... 

If, during the 90-day warranty period, the specific component repaired or replaced by the AAMCO Center fails, the AAMCO Center will repair or replace the electronic component at no cost to you. If, however, any other electronic components fail during or after that same 90-day period, the warranty coverage does not extend to those components or to any damage they may cause to the transmission. 

After the 90-day warranty period, the AAMCO Center is not responsible for the performance of any electronic components, including the component that was originally repaired. If the repaired component fails or leads to damage to the transmission after the warranty period has ended, the transmission warranty or extended coverage is null and void, and the AAMCO Center is not responsible for and will not cover any subsequent repairs. 

As with any AAMCO warranty, the 90-day Limited Electronic Component Warranty does not apply to failure caused by customer abuse, accident or alterations, or reimbursement for consequential damages. Your warranty is null and void if the covered vehicle is converted from non-commercial to commercial use. 

Be sure to read your AAMCO warranty card so you fully understand all of your rights and any restrictions that apply. 

The AAMCO 90-Day Limited Warranty for Electronic Components is not transferable. 



Depending on your needs, AAMCO offers a variety of Coverages:



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