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Introducing Eco-Green Auto Service from AAMCO
The leader in transmissions and complete car care is now the leader in providing automotive services and shops that are friendly to the environment. ECO-Green is a new certification class for AAMCO dealers who meet rigorous environmental standards that go well beyond established federal and state requirements.
What it means to be ECO-Green
The AAMCO ECO-Green dealer has to comply in ALL of the following areas:

Utilizes Low Impact Materials including Solvents:
Each year millions of gallons of toxic materials are released into the environment, ultimately making their way into the earth, water, and air. AAMCO ECO-Green centers recycle solvents and use water-based cleaners as alternatives to more hazardous cleaners.
Waste Management of Solids and Fluids:
The disposal of used parts and waste fluids fills local landfills and may pollute our water stream. As more and more landfills are required they push closer to residential neighborhoods. Older sites that leak and those brimming with toxic waste continue to be huge environmental issues. AAMCO ECO-Green centers recycle waste fluids and used filters and have taken efforts to assure that waste water from the center does not enter the sewer system.

Promote & Advance the use of Alternative Fuels
ECO-Green AAMCO centers promote measures that aid in greater fuel efficiencies in our customers' vehicles.
These include: promotion of alternative fuels (E85), higher mileage oil, filters, & components, insure proper tire inflation, and offers new technologies which result in more efficient and cleaner burning vehicles. Every gallon of fuel that can be conserved translates into 2.15 gallons of crude oil saved. Some very simple conservation methods can be adopted by motorists that collectively can help save millions of gallons of energy. AAMCO ECO-Green centers offer low emission alternative fuel solutions and other high-mileage energy saving services.
Conservation of resources:
Automotive shops use utilities, fuel, and other natural resources to run their businesses. Those resources can be conserved through energy efficiency methods. AAMCO ECO-Green centers have committed to instituting low energy solutions, solid waste recycling and buying recycled products.
ECO-Green Services Now Available! Including E85 Conversion Kits!
Several "earth-friendly" ECO-Green Auto Services are now available at participating AAMCO dealers for consumers and fleets. For more details on these "earth friendly" programs or to discover the full range of AAMCO's ECO-Green services, visit the links to the left.
At AAMCO, we're committed to your car and to your environment.

E85 conversion program GREEN tune-up NEW ECO-Green Fuel & Air Induction Service
Visit our section on the new EPA-certified E85 conversion program, ready NOW for fleet owners and operators. There are numerous benefits to converting your fleet to E85 fuel including supporting our domestic farmers and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, many states offer substantial tax breaks to operators who convert their fleet to alternative fuels, and E85 (105 octane) is already on average 17% cheaper than traditional 87-octane gasoline. AAMCO-installed Flex Conversion kits can pay for themselves in as little as seven months. Now it pays to go GREEN! With our GREEN tune-up, you'll extend the time between oil changes up to 5 TIMES versus traditional tune-ups. GREEN tune-ups only from AAMCO improve fuel mileage, and will reduce your car or truck emissions. That's because our GREEN tune-up includes synthetic oil, a lifetime air filter, platinum spark plugs, extended life oil filter, detergent based induction cleaning and we'll even check ALL engine control sensors which effect mileage. See our online coupon and save $30 on your GREEN tune-up at participating centers. Introducing the NEW ECO-Green Fuel & Air Induction Service. It's a win-win for the environment and for your car! Our NEW ten-step service will restore your engine's performance, optimize fuel efficiency, reduce pollutants and prolong the life of your car's engine. Click here for full details and participating centers.

ECO-Green News!
More and more of your neighborhood AAMCO dealers are going green and your local papers love to report how AAMCO is dedicated to the environment in your community!

AAMCO ECO-Green Centers
These AAMCO centers are ECO-Green "earth friendly shops" committed to recycling, reducing emissions and the promotion of alternative fuels:
Center listing

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